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PureSkin Organic Skincare & Purses


PureSkin will be launching at our new site www.livinghealthymarket.com
Pureskin will remain open for our regular customers for several weeks yet. We will send notifications out when our new site will become our main hub for products. At that time, we will transfer to the new site. Please bookmark our new site so you can see all the Organic Products we will offer. We are much more than just Skincare.  
We offer 100% Organic Skincare and Bling Fashion Handbags & Accessories! You can purchase our skincare here on our main site.
We offer: 

 If you choose to purchase handbags & accessories, please go to our BLING site at www.pureskindirect.com/bling

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Pure Organic...the Way it Should Be!
Our products are completely chemical free and toxin free. Never dyes or perfumes that can irritate the skin. Your health is just as important to us as it is to you! Don't settle for less than pure skincare only available by PURESKIN!
 Not 60%, Not 95%, but 100% pure Organic Skincare.

This is why we are so different than any other company!  Don't Be Fooled!

Organic is not just a word but a way of life! Over 92% of all Organic claimed companies use synthetics, irritants, surfactants, chemicals,lavender2.jpg parabens and toxins in their skincare products! Most of these companies are well known companies who claim that their products are safe, when the reality is that they are very unsafe! Calling a product Organic does not mean that it is purely Organic!
We can tell you that we are different! We provide tremendous pure organic ingredients in our products without compromising! Our testimonies speak for themselves and our products when applied even the first time, show significant improvement in the skin after only one use! We take great care in providing absolute quality and organic purity in our products! Only the best ingredients with exceptional pricing. You won't find a better concept in Organic Skincare, anywhere else!
Products made without chemical processing and made exclusively by hand for the freshest, purest, nutrient riched formulas you simply cannot get from commercial products!
You will get awesome exclusive discounts and private sales.
Just send us your mailing address to get your private postcards mailed directly to you!
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Pure Skin Direct * A Chemical Free Company
We take pride in our ingredients that are Certified through our Ingredient Suppliers.
DISCLAIMER: Information on this site is not intended to act as a substitute for medical advice provided by a qualified health care provider, nor is any information on this site intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If anyone has a specific health issue they should always seek trained medical advice. Our products contain pure ingredients that have been proven by customers, to provide substantial results with of scars, wrinkles, skin conditions,allergies. & for anti aging for a beauty regime and as part of a healthy lifestyle. We suggest performing a patch test before regularly using any product continuously.